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owlUsing a grammar checker is becoming a must for some people, especially those who are studying English as a second language. We live in a world full of grammar checkers, auto-corrector, and other digital helpers. The question is, are they actually helping or are they making people ignorant of the language which they are dependent on.

Let’s take a different case. Let’s take navigating. It used to be that if you didn’t know how to read a map, you would be lost. Period. If you were in a situation where it was required of you to read a map, plan a route, and follow it – you would be up the creek with no paddle. Nowadays, people can afford to not know the first thing about maps and navigation, thanks to GPS and related navigation apps.

So, on the one hand, it saves people the trouble. On the other hand, it means that these people are lacking something that would otherwise be pretty darn fundamental. Where do you draw the line? What is truly outdated and unnecessary, and what is still necessary but grossly overlooked? How do you differentiate? What values do you place over others?

Well, when it comes to language, I take issue. Not knowing how to navigate – okay. Not knowing things which were once common knowledge or necessary – okay. But not knowing how to speak, read, and write properly? There is no excuse for that.

These days, there are spelling and grammar checkers as reviewed on which are taking that into consideration, and are trying to improve on a person’s language skills, rather than simply provide that person with the proper way to spell, phrase, punctuate, style, and contextualize.

Software which gives you the option of not knowing proper spelling and grammar, but which strives to improve on that – that is the kind of grammar checking which we could all use.

Some are saying that language, and the English language in particular, is in trouble. When you put so much power into the hands of machines and digital helpers… well, it has the potential to seriously backfire. Only through proper education from early on can we make sure that the next generation isn’t overrun with individuals who do not know how to speak, spell, or read correctly. People who rely on machines and algorithms to provide them with vocabulary and proper phrasing.


Slang, vernacular, and lingo all have their place, but we need to make sure that these do not replace the English which we know. The English language has gone through so many changes and several significant revolutions in its time. Are we on the brink of another? A digital linguistic revolution? Time will tell. Some are already eulogizing the written word and the English language, but I feel we should not be so pessimistic. There will always be people who care enough about language, and who will do their best to ensure that the next generation knows their roots.

Keep reading, keep writing, and keep asking the right questions! And, if you do get a grammar checker, get one which also challenges you, and which helps you become a better writer.

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Benefits Of Stylewriter Software

Installs With All Versions Microsoft Word


If you are someone who really enjoys to write or does this for a living it is very important that you grammar is always on point and correctly formatted. We are all humans and can make mistakes. If you do not have an editor and rely on yourself, it is important that you save up a little money and invest in a software that can help you along the way. There is so much software out in the market that one can choose from, however the best one to purchase is Stylewriter Software. It is beneficial to purchase this one over all of the others because it will be able to adapt to all of the versions of Microsoft. This way if you have one that is a little older you do not have to worry about the software not working on it.


A Lot Of Features


Another benefit of Stylewriter Software is that it has a lot of features. This is great because it advances what a normal editor can do for you with their own hands. This is a software that knows how to read and look out for grammar. In a lot of cases it will even tell you exactly how to fix your sentence or the structure, so that everything flows a lot more better.

Therefore, if you are someone who loves to write and are looking for a way to edit your work, instead of paying an editor all the time you should invest in a software. You can purchase these software’s online and if you go to Amazon you should be able to find an even better deal on them. They are totally worth it and will help you out a lot along the way of editing your work.

Using An Online Grammar Checker

Writing is an essential part of daily life. Whether you are a student or a working professional, it is crucial for you to use proper spelling and grammar. When you understand and use proper spelling and grammar, you come across as more professional, educated and detail oriented. Unfortunately, spelling and grammar mistakes are very common. Even if you have a sharp eye for detail, you may miss the occasional misspelling or improper word usage. Little mistakes like this can have long term consequences. When people read writing that is not perfect quality, they tend to brush it off.


This is why using an online grammar checker is so important. Grammar checkers are computer based programs that scan your text for any grammar mistakes. These mistakes are highlighted so that you can correct them. Using websites that check spelling and grammar is an extremely affordable way to make sure your writing is top notch.

No matter how many times you proofread, it is still possible to make mistakes. Stay one step ahead by always running your documents through a grammar checker. This eliminates any mistakes from e-mails, essays, blog posts and all other types of important written content.


Edumuch reviews various grammar checkers and you should check out what is available in order to choose the product that’s right for your needs.

What’s The Difference Between Were And We’re

When it comes to the English grammar, one of the most common mistakes would be the use of “we’re” and “were”, and even among writers, it’s a blind spot. So, what is the difference that makes the difference between these two.


Well, we’re is actually a shortened version of “we are”, and you should only use it when you’re telling your friends what you are going to do together. It introduces the subject, namely, you and some other people.

On the other hand, were is something that you use if you want to tell someone what you would do given a particular situation. One of the most common situations where the word “were” is when you’re telling someone what to do. For example, “if I were you”.


So, you see, there’s a whole wold of difference between the two words “were” and “we’re”, and if you’ve found yourself committing the same mistake over and over again by using them interchangeably, don’t worry because there are grammar checkers out there that go beyond the usual spelling check. These software use algorithms to determine whether or not you should be using “were” instead of “we’re” and vice versa.