Diary of a Military Man

I am a fan of hot topics. Those things everyone is talking about, one of which being guns. The topic of guns is near and dear to me due to the fact that I am third generation Marine and have served in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I own several firearms and all sorts of ammo. Growing up with a military Dad meant that I had my hands on guns ever since I was very little. I started out on air-soft pistols with target practice in the backyard. I would try to shoot the occasional squirrel but my Mom didn’t like that very much (she’s an animal lover). As I got older my tastes changed and I began to practice shooting with large shotguns like the Mossberg 500 and things of the like.

For me, the feeling of shooting a shotgun is like nothing else. It’s sheer power and force gives me a sense of strength nothing else can give me. Due to my Mom’s influence I don’t go hunting but I will go skeet shooting every now and again. My shotgun is mainly for self-defense. I don’t ever want to be stuck waiting for help if a dangerous situation occurs. I have always felt it is best to get things done with my own two hands. Thankfully I have never had to pull that trigger in self-defense. I spend a whole lot of time at the range and my accuracy with the weapon attests to that. The range is the perfect place to practice with your weapon.open carry

I live in an open carry state and I believe we should exercise our constitutional rights. Not in a disrespectful, but in a way that keeps the ideals of our Founding Fathers alive. I am full aware that the rifles of the past were not like the fire power we have today. They had muskets that took a lot of time to reload. Today we have such advanced firearms that we end up complaining of the seconds it takes to reload. Although seconds can be the difference of life and death I still think it is important for people to keep things in perspective. It’s the only way we can solve the problems we are currently facing.

I have some personal favorites and I’m always going to gun shows to see if I can find that gem. The SIG Sauers are favorites of mine. The P226 and P228 both pack power in an extremely well built steel case. Gunivore.com has some reviews about the P226 and P228 if you want more details on the two.  I don’t always carry them around because they are heavy and expensive. For conceal to carry, the family of Glock pistols is what I lean towards. They are also very well built and very lightweight. This is due to their polymer construction. I have owned these guns for years and have put them through a lot of abuse nevertheless they always seem to work after the fact. Easy to clean and deadly accurate. If you are looking into a good starter pistol this may be where you should start.conceal and carrry

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Prospects of a Gun Free World

gun free worldGrammar and education are important if only to allow us to have a more informed existence. For me my education starts with relevant issues and topics. Is a world without guns a safer place to live? I have often pondered that if the world were to adopt this idea of a utopian future where we lay down our weapons and stop killing each other, the world would be a better place. Weapons and firearms have their place in society and that place for the most part is as a deterrent. They are tools that have the ultimate goal of protecting and keeping the world safe from evil. But what happens when you are unsure who and what is evil? The idea of guns is a good one but do we need them anymore?

I would say yes. Look, we are human beings and although we think of ourselves as higher beings than, say, a lion or fish the truth is we are no different in a lot of ways. We are animals and sometimes I think it’s best to take a moment and appreciate that. I think we are the only animals that shoot guns, in fact I’m sure of that. Humans react to things in very irrational ways. We are emotional and exhibit things like jealousy and greed and because of that we do things that aren’t always the nicest or in our best interest.

old school weaponsDue to this fact, a world without guns would not mean a world without threat. Before there were guns there knives and swords and before that spears and much earlier than that stones. Throughout human history people have killed other people by any means necessary. So when we talk about a firearm-less existence I think it would do us best to understand that that existence wouldn’t necessarily be safer. In fact there is a good chance that guns would still be in the hands of some, that minority being the police and other law enforcers. That does not seem appealing to me.

There is no doubt that firearms pose a threat. One view of the news or newspaper will affirm that. There are people who exist that shouldn’t own or have access to guns, fact. Whenever a tragedy occurs we tend to have all the answers as how to prevent it in the future but then another occurs and it’s the same deal all over again. As I said before humans are irrational and also unpredictable a lot of the time. Most of the people that commit atrocities with guns are insane in some way. There are ways to solve the issue of gun violence in a way that doesn’t mean disarming the citizens. Throughout the world there are examples of cultures that utilize both tactics. Those tactics being a culture without gun ownership and a culture with. In both cases gun violence and crime is very low. So what we really need to do is to delve deeper and see why people commit crimes. If we can find the symptoms and the problems we can then figure out a solution. To end, I don’t believe the solution, at least in this country, is to take peoples guns away.