How to Deal With the Stress of the Holidays

While the holidays are generally thought of as a time to relax and unwind, many of us tend to get stressed out over holiday girl moneythis period for a number of reasons. There’s nothing worse than trying to get comfortable and relax after a long year, only to feel pressured all over again. But what tends to cause this pressure over the holiday season? Generally, the number 1 reason people start stressing over the holidays is due to financial reasons. Even if you’re well-off, it’s a period of consolidation and planning for the year ahead which can put anyone through mental loops. If you do plan on doing your finances over the holiday, it’s best for you to remember that you can afford to take it day by day and don’t rush anything! By carefully considering all the variables, you can draw up a budget for the coming year and evaluate the successes or losses you had in the previous year without getting stressed and making rash decisions. Other than dealing with finances, one of the leading causes of stress around the holidays often tends to be hosting people. Whether it’s in-laws, old friends or even neighbors, hosting can be stressful as it requires effort and if you’re a perfectionist, this stress is multiplied. It’s important to remember that the idea of throwing a party of having a dinner is supposed to be fun, first and foremost.




There’s no point getting all stressed out about whether your guests will enjoy the evening, or the food or the decorations etc. and stop yourself from enjoying the evening in the process. While we may feel the need to impress our guests or leave a good impression, you’ll find that the most memorable nights tend to be the most fun. People often tend to spend a small fortune on throwing parties over the holiday period, while the truth is that a good meal, some fine wine or great cocktails and a few small gifts for your attendees can deliver the same sense of style and taste holidays weird conversationthat you would get if you maxed out a credit card or two. Remember, these are likely only going to last a night at most – no need to break the bank or get yourself worked up over something like that. And frankly, if you’re friends judge you because you don’t spend enough money on your Christmas parties, then you should probably consider finding new friends. The happiest Christmas memory I have from my childhood is when we didn’t get much presents because my father recently lost his job and my parents couldn’t afford to go on a spending spree on gifts so we found other ways to celebrate the holiday that was cheap and fun at the same time because we were spending time as a family You don’t need to spend all you money to make a great holiday season, all you need to do is spend a stress free time with your family because that’s what people will remember.

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