Computers are great. as a matter of fact, I’m looking at mine right now. Not my personal one, which is actually a social medialaptop, but my computer at work. And truth be told, I have two screens! Which makes it easier to research or send emails where I have to input information onto data sheets. But really, back to the original purpose of this post. Computers are wonderful. They do everything we used to have to do. They can calculate, are great places to play games, they have paint and coloring options to be creative. Programs such as Microsoft Word are excellent for writing documents and keeping everything all in one place. And with handy features like Spellcheck, we don’t even know how to use proper spelling and grammar anymore. May as well teach kids something else, they no longer need these skills.

Excel is also a great option if you need to keep track of a lot of information. You can also add in graphs to demonstrate data. To use some inspiration from How I Met Your Mother, you can even make a pie chart of your favorite bars, or a bar graph of your favorite pies. Or pi. Plus, I haven’t even gotten to the wonders of the Internet. Aka my best friend. The internet has totally changed our lives and revolutionized the way the world works. Gone are the days of using the White Pages to find someone’s number, not knowing what an address looks like, or not knowing anything for that matter. Now we have Yahoo, Bing, Google, Wikipedia, and about a billion other sources of information and data. It’s ridiculously cool if you think about it, although most of us don’t. We simply turn on our computers (as if we ever even turn them off in the first place), click a few buttons, and we’re transported to a completely different world or land. A land of knowledge. A land of power. A land of communication with others halfway across the globe. That’s probably one of the coolest features of the Internet. Constant access to everyone and everything.

The advancements that have stemmed from the advent of computers is what has helped me keep in touch with so many people I normally would no longer be in contact with. For example, Facebook is a great way to stay in touch, social media1see pictures, wish people a happy birthday, etc. and emails! No matter where you are in the world, if you have an internet connection you can shoot someone an email and tell them whatever you need to say. They can check it at their convenience and respond when necessary. No more carrier pigeons, email eliminated the need for them. They might still be good as pets, but you don’t have to rely on them anymore. just shoot someone an email about an important meeting, a recipe you’ve been wanting to share, or even an event invitation.

Computers are sick mostly because my blog is on them

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