Essential Oils

essential oils 3Any company can claim their product is ‘therapeutic grade’ essential oil. It usually doesn’t mean anything. Essential oil is essential oil, and that means that if it is pure, it is pure. If you begin to dilute it, or mix other oil in there, then I suppose the formula could change. But as a general rule, if what you see in a vial is pure essential oil – there is no grade A, B, or C. Or maybe it exists, but within that specific company’s line of products, and not a recognized kind of ranking.

Whether or not you buy into the essential oil thing, that’s your business. But keep in mind that essential oils have been around since the beginning of mankind. Just because certain companies are trying to make their paper on the backs of people who are confused about that fact – that is a different story. The thing is this: essential oils have always been around.

I don’t feel we have discovered something totally new here. BUT, what science and modern medicine (and cosmetics) did discover, is a way to make it viable in many different products. Essential oils can be volatile, and it is imperative to treat them right.

Using a tea tree oil shampoo product on your scalp helps it find balance. You need to use the same amounts, and aim to use the oil on the same days. You scalp and hair will get used to your cycle, and adapt accordingly. The body is a highly adaptable thing, altogether. It can get used to many things and conditions, circumstances. And when it comes to hair care, what matters more than anything is that you strive to have a pattern, a cycle, a rhythm. That way, your body – more specifically your scalp – can produce its natural oil (known as sebum) and contribute to the overall health and wellness of the scalp and the hair.

But, if you mess it up, and are inconsistent about your washing, conditioning, etc., your hair and scalp may be more susceptible to misbehaving, to producing sebum erratically (so to speak), and to cause your scalp and hair to be more sensitive, more easily irritated, and generally lesessential oils 4s of a pal.

It is a sensitive organ, the scalp. It has moods, it changes with the weather (with some people, anyway), and it reacts to essential oils in a big way. Depends on the oil, really, but once you find a formula which works for you, there is a good chance your scalp and hair will dig it.

Using essential oils in your day-to-day cosmetics, in your go-to beauty regimen, it affects the way you treat yourself. I mean, sure, you could get all industrial products. That’s cool. But if you have the time, I implore you to create your own products. You can find a way, providing you have some time to experiment. Most people don’t, so I would suggest finding a good shampoo which doesn’t burden you with any drama. As a general rule of thumb, I don’t shampoo and condition more than once in a few weeks.

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