Library Girl

I grew in small towns.  There usually is not much to do in small towns expect for getting in trouble, and I was raised to be a good girl.  So when I was in middle school, what did I do. I went the awesome county library that was in our town. Now, when I say awesome, it was awesome.  I was able to all my time doing everything I wanted – listen to bully2music, watch movies, watch documentaries, type on the typewriter, go on the computer, read magazines and books, write, etc.  It was great. I was so happy and content being there. As life would have it, there are always people who want to make other people feel bad for their happiness – bullies.

So what happened?  I was bullied whenever the bullies would find me there. They always made it a point to come to the library and make my life miserable because they had nothing else to do. I was labeled as the “library girl.”  Whenever they would see me at school, they’d throw things at me and make fun of me. I remember one time they would throw gum in hair on the bus ride to and from school. Gum in one’s hair is not the funniest, and also it’s quite disgusting.  Just thinking about it. Someone put this stuff in the mouth, chewed it, now this stuff is full of their saliva, they roll it up into a small ball, and through it in your hair. Blah! Still to this day, I don’t know how that gum would find its way into my hair and stick, and just make showering miserable for me.  Speaking of stuff in my hair. I remember one time, I was showering and there was a huge fly flying around in the bathroom. I was flying around me and just bothering me like crazy. So I whacked it with my towel. Somehow the fly disappeared and I was happy. I continued to dry myself off with the towel and towel dry my hair.  As I was towel drying my hair, I could hear the fly buzzing around again. library

I stopped and looked around to see if I could find the fly and try to get rid of it once and for all. I looked and it wasn’t to be found. So I continued to towel dry my hair. Same thing, I heard the fly  again so I looked. Nothing. This happened a few more times.  Then at one point, as I was towel drying my hair, I realized that the fly was in the towel. Yuck! I immediately stopped and shook out the towel. Nothing. Then horror came to me. I shook out my hair and right then and there, the fly fell out of my hair. It really grossed me out. Oh my gosh! Anyway, so back to the library. I loved it there.  It was my home away from home. It was cool when it needed to be cool. It was warm in the fall and winter months. There was always something going on to keep me busy. I just so enjoyed it. I learned so much and really could do whatever my nerdy heard desired.

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