Old Spice Bearglove

old spice 2 Old spice is a wonderful name. On the one hand you’ve got the world ‘old’, which can mean tradition, classic, and time-tested. On the other hand, you’ve got ‘spice’ signifying novelty and freshness, with a kind of sexy touch. This is why it is a wonderful name for a company like that. It really is a trusted brand which manages to keep itself fresh, and that is a great feat.

This is a line of grooming and cosmetics meant specifically for men, and their commercials and slogans have always been geared towards them. It is nice to see a brand like that still going strong after all these years. The Bearglove series of products includes deodorant, body wash, cologne, and it is certainly one of the more popular brands within the company.

The guys over at Maple Holistics reviewed the Old Spice hairwax concoction – among other things – and it passed with flying colors. I mean, every product does have some disadvantages. It comes with the territory, since there is nothing perfect in this world. But every now and then you get a product, or at times an entire line, which is significantly better than many of its competitors, and which blows them right out of the water. This is how I think of Old Spice products, but I am cold spice 1ompletely biased, having used their stuff (albeit not exclusively) for such a long time. There was a time when I was wearing Brut. Dear lord, that’s throws me back to the nineties like it’s nobody’s business. Dang.

So, Old Spice gets compared to lots of other male-oriented cosmetics brands, such as Axe. Incidentally, I only recently found out that Axe is the American name for what is called Lynx all around the world. Or something close to that. Just goes to shows once again, how we Americans are different from the rest of the world, for better or worse.

The battle over male cosmetics is far from over. Companies keep coming up with new ideas, new pitches, new products, new angles, new models, new scents and flavors. It is a never ending thing, and you know what? In spite of all of the pressure which is on males to groom themselves and look good – something I don’t always agree with 100% – I am glad that there are companies like Old Spice which are taking male grooming and keeping it on such a high level. And you know what else? Some of those products may cost a bit mold spice 4ore, but they smell amazing. And if you don’t overdo it (and you never should), those products like soaps, washes, colognes, and deodorants can last you a long while.

Don’t let too many of your friends mooch off of those. In fact, keep a spare bottle of cologne – a cheaper kind – so when your dumbass roommate runs out, you can save the day, and be a good wingman. Take care and groom yourself, guys, but don’t be afraid to go back to beast mode every now and then.

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